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Save Yellow Giraffe Lil SnugglerOn Sale Item

Yellow Giraffe Lil' Snuggler

Lil', Ultra, Yellow, Stuffed Animals

Toy - The giraffe doll is available in yellow. A summary of feature characteristics are ultra soft, 13" sq. and great for both boys and girls. It's dimensions are 13.5" Height x 13.5" Length x 0.5" Width and has a weight of 0.5 lbs.

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Wild Republic Wild Watchers 7 Giraffe

Giraffe, Super, Watchers, Wild, Soft

Toy - Wild Republic Wild Watchers 7 Giraffe made by Wild Republic is certainly fantastic. The special features include highly detailed, large eyes seem to follow you and uses the finest of fabrics. The giraffe toy dimensions are 7" Height x 6" Length x 4" Width.

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Save Sweet And Sassy Blue GiraffeOn Sale Item

Wild Republic Sweet And Sassy Blue Giraffe

Republic, Toys & Games, Giraffe, Stuffed

Toy - Sweet And Sassy Blue brought to you by Wild Republic will probably be your kid's best new play thing. The feature characteristics are made of high quality fabrics, animals have big eyes with silver stars and very soft and cuddly. The giraffe is 8"H x 12"L x 5"W.

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Save Cuddlekins Vibes 12 Pink GiraffeOn Sale Item

Wild Republic Cuddlekins Vibes 12 Pink Giraffe

Republic, Giraffe, Stuffed Animals

Toy - Baby is going to snuggle to a Cuddlekins Vibes 12 . A summary of features are highly detailed and perfect for cuddling. It's dimensions are 12" Height x 10" Length x 5" Width. It weighs close to 0.75 lbs.

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Save Cuddlekin 12 Baby GiraffeOn Sale Item

Wild Republic Cuddlekin 12 Baby Giraffe

Giraffe, Size, Toys & Games, Cuddlekin

Toy - I definitely liked that the doll had highly detailed designs to look like the animal does in the wild. Additional features include things like very soft and cuddly and made of high quality fabrics. The giraffe toy dimensions are 8"H x 12"L x 5"W and weighs approximately 10 lbs.

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Save 12 Ck Giraffe BabyOn Sale Item

Wild Republic 12 Ck Giraffe Baby

giraffe, Plush, Stuffed Animals & Plush

Toy - The features include highly detailed design, lifelike facial and body features and quality fabrics and workmanship. UPC Number 092389109054. It's 8" Height x 12" Length x 7" Width and it weighs approximately 0.7 lbs.

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Save Sunset Giraffe PlushOn Sale Item

Webkinz Sunset Giraffe Plush

Pets, Webkinz, Stuffed Animals & Plush

Toy - Baby is going to cuddle to a Sunset Giraffe Plush a great doll manufactured by Webkinz. I definitely loved that it has the feature of you won? t have to look high and low to see what makes the sunset giraffe such a great pet. The doll is 8" Height x 10.5" Length x 4.5" Width. The bar code also known as the "International Article Number", for this doll is 0661371774459.

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Save Jr Giraffe June 2010 ReleaseNew Item

Webkinz Jr. Giraffe June 2010 Release By Ganz

Giraffe, Stuffed Animals & Plush, Line

Toy - 661371350950 is the barcode, also called the "Universal Product Code" for this excellent product. The giraffe toy weighs around 5 lbs.

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Save GiraffeOn Sale Item

Under The Nile Giraffe

Giraffe, -material, Egyptian, -giraffe

Baby Product - One of the many best features for this item is the certified to the global organic textile standard. Other highlights consist of organic cotton and fair-trade. The color for the giraffe doll is tan stripe. The giraffe doll is 3" Height x 8" Length x 3.5" Width and has got a weight of 0.19 lbs.

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Save Winks ElephantOn Sale Item

Ty Winks Elephant

Forget, Pink, Never, Gray, Winks, Stuffed

Toy - Winks Elephant is the best toy. This is a considerably popular product! I believe you will like that the product comes with this feature, winks the elephant is pink with grey ears and paws. Other highlights include things like infant safe and machine washable and measures 8"h. 008421032297 is the UPC for this terrific elephant toy. It's dimensions are 3.15"H x 7.48"L x 4.72"W. It weighs only 1 lbs.

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Stuffed Animals Plush, Toys Games, Giraffe, Wild

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